Financing projects

The projects in which we invest are meant for the long term and are based on a  win/win situation, between investor and developer. A successful investment can only be achieved by a mutual consistent support towards the projects, which we strive for.


We work with people who are branch-oriented, hence why we can assess which parties are required for the start-up, fabrication and self-maintenance of projects. The years of knowledge contributes to a constructive entity, so the lead time of new projects is reduced to a minimum. Of course we work constructively together with the parties to ensure the shortest possible realization time.


We only invest in sustainable development that meets the needs of the present so that future generations can meet their own needs. Our concern is to care for the environment, sustainability and also taking into account economic, human and social aspects. That is why Thirsty Apple primarily aims to invest in projects that make use of natural resources; Wind energy, solar energy and energy generated from water force. With this objective we take into account our next generation.


Due to the knowledge and experience we have in the area of project investments, we can assess whether or not it has a chance of success based on a good business strategy. We do this meticulously with various external specialists who have a supporting role to make a correct and concrete proposal.

What is Thirsty Apple?

Thirsty Apple is an investing company, always in search for great opportunities and projects that benefits us all. Thirsty Apple comes from the dutch saying “een Appeltje voor de dorst” which means: Something you save for a time when you really need it. With this philosophy we take into account our future generation.


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